It says my application was declined and that now I have to wait a week, what does that mean?

This means your application has not been accepted due some factors. Everything on the application is considered before an applicant is accepted in to the community. One of the main reasons of application being denied is that there wasn’t enough answer or enough detail at the short answer questions. We do not expect it to be an essay, but we do expect you to think about the question and have valid answers. Another main reason for application that maybe denied is due to your age. We adhere to our strict 15 year old policy. No exceptions.

I sent an application in a week ago and I still don’t have a reply back. When will you look at it?

If you have not heard back from the recruitment department within a week, please feel free to e-mail us, at recruitment@priorityroleplay.com, for the status of your application. Due to overwhelming amounts of application that we do receive, we may not be able to get to your application until all prior application are cleared out.

My application was accepted and now I need to get interviewed. What does that mean?

This means that we liked your application and we were interested in getting to know you better. Our interviewer will interview you and the interview result will be e-mailed to you. Interview result is NOT same as the application result.

My application was approved, so when can I get trained?

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate you on becoming a member of Priority Role-Play community. With your approval e-mail you will receive our TeamSpeak IP address. Once you come on we will get you all set up.

How come my membership on the website is still pending?

On our forums your membership may still say pending because our administration has to approve the forum account, which may take few days.

I want to join the fire dept. but I don’t want to join the police, can you still do that?

Yes, we have a division dedicated to Fire. You will be allowed to join the fire division. You also may be able to switch division if you want to try something new.

Do you accept modders into the community?

Yes we do accept modders into the community?

After I get trained, how do I get my Unit Number?

Your unit number will be assigned by your FTO (Field Training Officer).

It says that the Application's are closed, what’s up with that and can I send an early one?

When the application to join the community is closed, it is because of the amount of application we received or of how many members we have. We will not be taking early application. If you would like notification on when would like to know when application open back up, e-mail recruitment@priorityroleplay.com

When will we have official LCPD patrols?"

We will announce when we will have official LCPD patrols on forums. We plan to have it at least once if not more a week. You can also start unofficial patrol at anytime.