Sheriffs Office

Liberty County Sherrifs Office

The Liberty County Sheriff's Office was established in 1806. The first sheriff, Jorge Bush, rode on horseback, enforcing laws. Liberty County is located in central Liberty City state. Currently the office serves a population of approximately 197,000 people in a 650 mile patrol area. This area encompasses city, suburban and rural type settings. As well as patrolling Union Drive East, Union Drive West, Broker & Dukes Expressway and Plumbers Skyway which pass through the center of the county. The deputies are responsible for leading major tasks that ensure the counties community is safe. The goal for the Liberty County Sheriff is to not only protect the citizens of the Liberty County area, but to influence other agencies across the country to be inspired by how we maintain a clear teamwork effort with all the deputies. We are a brotherhood and work off of one another to complete our tasks or goals within the department. Our agency is proud to be as elite as it is currently and we will attempt to increase those demands within our department as a whole.

The Liberty County Sheriff's Office has had a total of 672 dispatched complaints in 2014 with over 1600 vehicle stops in the same year. It's apparent that Liberty County takes safety very serious and it's the LCSO's job to ensure of that. We are fortunate enough to be a part of the community that offers safety experience and personal effectiveness.


Highway Patrol

The Law Enforcement Division is a Liberty City State Accredited agency. This means that the division has to meet or exceed 144 standards set by the Liberty City State Division of Criminal Justice Services. The Law Enforcement Division continues to remain in compliance with these standards. The Patrol Division is the primary law enforcement for all of the residents of Liberty County. It serves as the primary backup to the 1 municipal agency within the county. The Patrol Division is responsible for patrolling 50 miles of state highways, 150 miles of county roads and 250 miles of town roads, 24 hours a day. The Patrol Division travels approximately 549,383 miles using county owned vehicles.