Fire Department

Liberty City Fire Dept.

The Liberty City Fire Department is one of the most active departments in the country. We are a combined department. We have both firefighting operations and we also provide emergency medical services to the city. We have some of the best trained, professional staff that goes through very specific training to ensure the safety of liberty city, its citizens, and its fellow first responders. We handle about 5 fire/rescue calls per hour and anywhere from 5 to 20 medical calls per hour.

The Fire Department is made up of highly trained and professional firefighters who go above and beyond the highest risks to provide fire suppression to anything from a small ditch fire, all the way up to a dangerous multiple-structure fire. They are also trained, along with EMS to provide Hazardous Materials response calls. The Fire Department is committed to staying up to date on new equipment, new training and overall, what is going on in the community.

Liberty EMS' vision is to expand upon our role as a critical public safety agency that delivers exceptional pre-hospital emergency medicine in an urban environment. The department will remain at the forefront of EMS advancements, driving progress in clinical care, operations, research and training. As a leader in all-hazard emergency preparedness, we will enhance our workforce and community's ability to be resilient when confronted by man-made and natural disasters. Liberty EMS will continue to be viewed as a challenging, diverse and rewarding place to work as well as a model for other EMS agencies.

The Liberty City Fire Department is perfect for those looking for adventure and excitement, as well as a challenge. So join today! We look forward to seeing you in the station.


Engine Company

Engine Company is the basic firefighting apparatus. Its main job is to put water on the fire. It is responsible for securing a water supply from a hydrant or some other form and for suppressing the fire.


Marine is a specialized boat outfitted specifically for firefighting capabilities. Its responsibilities include suppression of all fires that occur on water, such as boat fires, pier fires, etc. A Marine Unit also assists land based companies with securing a water supply, as they have the ability to "draft" water from the rivers they operate in. They also specialize in all types of water rescue operations. This company is to be added in the future.

Rescue Squad

Rescue is considered the most elite company within the community. Its main responsibilities include search and rescue, vehicle extrication, special rescues, technical rescues, confined space rescues, and high angle rescues and SCUBA. Also, they are the department's FAST/RIT and trained as Hazardous Material Technicians.

Tactical Medic

With Tactical Medics, there is already a medic onsite to provide immediate life saving care to members. This would eliminate a response time for medical personnel, which would in turn, be the answer between life and death. Tactical Medics would also have SWAT training, which would help them be able to be more secure when providing life saving measures to other members of the team.

Fire Investigator

A fire investigator is a member of the fire department. Fire marshals' duties vary but usually include fire code enforcement and/or investigating fires for origin and cause. Fire marshals may be sworn law-enforcement officers and are often experienced firefighters.

Medical Aviation

Liberty Air Medical Services (LAMS) provides transport for patients whose injuries requires faster or longer distance transport than traditional ground transportation can practically provide and provides the highest level of pre hospital care available.