What are the requirements to join Priority Role Play?

Not all of the requirements to join Priority Role Play will be disclosed, but here are some of the basic requirements:

­ A legal (non­pirated) copy of Grand Theft Auto IV

­ High Quality working Microphone

­ Internet Connection with open NAT type

­ A good attitude and an open mind

How old do I have to be to join Priority Role Play?

Priority Role Play can not disclose our age requirement for security reasons

How long is the interview process?

Upon coming into the Teamspeak, you will be moved by a Human Resources Interviewer to one of our interview rooms, where we will ask for some basic information, after that is completed, if you make the requirements, you will be asked certain questions to check your knowledge of emergency services in general. If we believe you meet the knowledge requirements of Priority Role Play, you will be asked to take a test testing your knowledge on the specific division you are applying for. If you pass the test, making a 75% or higher, you will be fully accepted into Priority Role Play

How active do I have to be?

You must be on Teamspeak at least 2 times a week and you must attend at least 4 patrols a month for at least 30 minutes. If you are unable to patrol, you may post a leave of absence, which will excuse you. Please keep in mind that these are the bare minimums, and if you wish to succeed in this community, please be as active as possible.

How many members do you have?

Currently, our roster varies from time to time based on school, work, and holidays. We have a small amount of members and we have set a cap on our member applications to ensure a family­ like environment.

What can I expect from Priority Role Play

Not only can you expect a professional role playing community, but a friendly and fun environment beyond patrols.

How will Priority Role Play help me?

Not only are there aspiring Law Enforcement Officers, but we also have actual Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters. Our community keeps a prestige etiquette, in and out of game and we would like to share that with new members.

How often do you patrol?

We get in game as much as possible. Our usual official patrol schedule may consist of 2 patrols a week but we encourage getting into game and have unofficial patrols for the fun of it.

Do you play GTA IV or GTA V?

After a long discussion and overwhelimg testing, we've decided that it would be Priority Role Play's best interest to stay with GTA IV until GTA V has better adapted modifications. We feel that we can complete our role play needs by remaining in GTA IV.