Who We Are?

Priority Role Play is a GTA IV PC Role Play Community founded in 2013. Our pride in PRP is our professionalization in and out of our games. We like to base our Public Safety aspects just like the real world. Our community is fortunate enough to be able to have real world police officers and member's of multiple fire services to further assist us with our Pursuit to Professionalism.

Members here are long term role players who have a great mindset in the future of emergency services. Our goal is to create a professional team that has the time, effort, and loyalty devoted to this community so we can fully expand our opportunities.

PRP strives in our expertise, maturity, respect and overall professionalism. Many people say "It's just a game." Or "It's just RP", but people earn ranks, titles and accomplishments here that they can be proud of. PRP's goal, is to bring to you that Professional experience. This community brings everyone together who shares a common goal or passion in life. That being said, this is a rare experience. We want everyone to enjoy the experience and at the end of the day be able to have more self pride for accomplishing something greater than yourself. Each member deserves the same amount of respect as everyone else, therefore please note, this is a professional community and we expect it to remain as so with our future to come.

Our Community

Our Mission

Our mission is offer a community to people who are interested in real life public safety, in the most professional way possible. Our community keeps a prestige etiquette, in and out of game and we would like to share that with new members.

Our Approach

Our approach is to grasp the attention of people interested in this form of career or qualification. Some member's already in the community are experienced with theses roles in the real world, and can further assist us in our structure.